How much does a home extension cost?

One of the most important questions for anyone looking to extend their home is the question of cost.

Unfortunately this can rarely be met with a straight forward answer due to the fact that costs change according to conditions and requirements. To help you understand what factors affect the costs and therefore what you might need to consider for your own home project, we give you a run down of some of the more common attributes that feature during a typical home extension project.

Some questions to consider that will affect the final cost:
  • How accessible is your the site? (easy, difficult)
  • How level is the site? (Flat, slight fall, steep)
  • How much demolition and clearance work is required? (None, some, lots)
  • How much will you need to excavate (none, minor, extensive)
  • Will the addition be to the a) ground floor b) first floor c) both
  • Type and quality of materials used?
  • What will be the overall size and shape of the new construction.
  • How many existing walls are to be removed?
  • Does a bathroom need to be installed or updated?
  • Will the kitchen be updated as part of the project?
  • What type of extension are you looking for? (bricked extension, orangery (brick and glass combined) or conservatory (glass extension).
  • Building regulations in the area?
  • Are you looking for standard shape and strucutre e.g. for example curved structures are just one example of a non-standard structure? (yes/no)
  • Do you plan on using a reputable builder? ('cheap' cowboys can cost a fortune in the long run)
  • Do you need to move a gas meter or re-route plumbing and drainage?
  • Naturally, you can reason from the responses you might give to these questions that a project which is going to be built on on a flat, easy to access site which requires no demolition work is going to cost much less that a project which to be built on a steep slope, which is difficult to access and requires major demolition work.

    When a builder or glass extension specialist comes to survey your property and put together a quotation, these are exactly the types of questions he will be looking to ask and consider before giving a project estimation.

    Example project costings from Apropos

    Below are a few examples of Apropos projects and the cost for completion:

    Project Cost: £23k

    £23k house extension

    Project Cost: £29k

    £29k house extension

    Project Cost: £33k

    £33k house extension

    Project Cost: £33k

    £33k house extension

    Project Cost: £45k

    £45k house extension

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