Rooflights - 2014

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These are a few of the Rooflight projects completed by Apropos in 2014.

Rooflights can be incorporated into a project or installed as a standalone feature depending on the existing structure and requirements of a project.

Rooflights are one of the best ways to bring more natural light into a home or commercial space as they capture overhead sunlight directly and for the longest part of the day. This can also have a dramatic effect on raising the overall temperature of the room not to mention the ability to transform a dark space into area more welcoming and comfortable space to spend time.

Each of these projects were completed in urbanised parts of the country and include London, Liverpool and Manchester.

If you are unsure about what can be achieved with your space, let one of our architects help explain and demonstrate where, how and what is available.

The Rooflight projects above include the following:

  • A glazed link with double rooflight
  • An orangery with central rooflight (interior and exterior perspectives)
  • A flat rooflight as part of glass box living room extension
  • Rooflights builts into a lean to conservatory