Sliding and Folding Door Projects - 2014

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When it comes to bespoke, custom designed and manufactured sliding and folding doors, look no further than Apropos. Effortlessly combining the practicality and style allows you to quite literally open up home and business spaces. Get closer to nature by opening your doors during warmer months and keep light in your life during winter.

Most of the projects on display here were carried out in the North of England and Greater London.

Apropos architects provide a full consultation service which can help you understand and realise the potential of your space. Sliding and folding doors can be part of bigger project or installed as a standalone feature.

The Sliding and Folding projects on display here include the following:
  • Full length of house Grey Aluminium Folding (Concertina) Doors featured as part of a lean to conservatory
  • Folding doors installed as part of an bespoke orangery
  • Sliding double doors used with a reverse lean to sunroom
  • Folding doors used as part of an open plan kitchen design